Business Biscotti Twickenham met up on the 13th February and a love of business was definitely in the air.
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With a great mix of professional people from accountants and lawyers right through to social media experts in the heart of West London at Twickenham Stadium. Meeting every second Friday of the month from 9:30 to 11:30, with over 90 monthly networking groups around the country, you can attend anytime, anywhere! No early morning starts, on-line profiles and stop the clock with a chance to tell everyone about your business. So why not join Business Biscotti today and create a networking group that works for you. We plan to host speed networking events, socials, business workshops and a host of other things to help build your business all for £50 a year.

As the world gets ready for Chinese New Year, Vinegar Creative were bought on board to brand and build the website for Baijiu cocktail Week, which coincides with Chinese New Year – the promotion of China’s most popular spirit. For thousands of years it has been regarded as a drink to mark celebrations and strengthen bonds, both business and familial. Please visit the website below at BCW_WEBSITEMOCKUPS_MR HAVING KICKED OFF ON FRIDAY 13 FEBRUARY THE FESTIVAL WILL RUN TO SUNDAY 22 FEBRUARY TO CELEBRATE THE YEAR OF THE GOAT, WHICH SIGNIFIES GOOD FORTUNE IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE. A selection of exciting baijiu cocktails will be available to try throughout the week, perfect for adventurous cocktail lovers looking for a new and unique experience. Baijiu has largely been unknown to Westerners, but all that is changing. New baijiu cocktails will be introduced and served at around 16 exclusive London bars and restaurants including Bo Drake, Casino at The Empire in Leicester Square,  Gong at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London, Hakkasan, Hutong at The Shard, Opium, Ping Pong Dim Sum, Salvatore’s Bar at The Playboy Club London plus Spice Market. If you are a cocktail enthusiast, you won’t want to miss these new creations using the premium baijiu brand, Shui Jing Fang, as Asian-inspired cocktails are destined to be one of the big drinking trends to hit London.


Branding, what is it, how does it work and how can you use it to help improve your business or the perception of your service. Take Coca-Cola for example – without its brand value of being youthful, energetic, cool, refreshing, it is just a dark coloured flavoured drink

“By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business”. Coca-Cola Executive

Ok so a brand is an attempt to influence, generate and control associations to help the business perform better. All organisations can benefit by creating a brand that presents the company as distinctive, trusted, exciting, reliable or other attributes that are appropriate to that business. A great brand alongside intelligent use of design, advertising and marketing can help to generate associations in people’s minds that will benefit the business. Branding can help you stand out from your competitors, creating a difference, adding value to your offer, a way of engaging with your customers, and above all a reason to use you rather than another business.

The key things to think about when rebranding are:

  • The big idea
  • The brand values and vision
  • The personality of the brand a brand

A will change the way customers look at your business – it’s often the first thing they see!!


A lot of you may say networking is not for me, some people are just born to network – although I bet you, none of them could even talk when they were born just like you. So I thought I’d give networking a try. A room full of 30 people all standing up talking for 60 seconds about their business. This was daunting and it was hard to take everything in, especially when all you’re thinking  about is that it’s your turn next. However, they were welcoming and interested to meet me – everyone seemed like they want to help grow everyone else’s business, giving as many references as possible, wanting every business to succeed. A few people stuck out and these are the tips that I gained from my first couple of networking experiences. A worthwhile experience. Networking tips

  1. Have a goal or target for the networking, for example, the type of people you want to meet
  2. Be sincere and ask for what you want
  3. Gain trust – Set up ‘one to ones’ at a later date – nobody does business with people they don’t know
  4. The biggest tip is to help others grow their business. Remember the next person you meet could change your life.
Design Junction was part of the Design festival 2014 showing more than 180 businesses at the The Old Sorting Office, showcasing the very best furniture, lighting, graphic prints and product design from around the world. What a fantastic show, it really was impressive and I was blown away by many of the stands, over 30 pop up stores selling limited beautiful prints right through to keyboards made from wood. The light junction was particularly impressive with cutting-edge decorative designs. As well as an array of established brands showing off their wares.  There was also product launches from  LightyearsBolon and Vitamin. With some great guest speakers such as Tom DixonKristjana S Williams and Sir Kenneth Grange I found the show amazing – looking forward to the next one.

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A great outdoor ad campaign using technology well. Through sensors, that are set off when a train arrives in the station. Playing the ad – so that when the train comes in – her hair swooshes in the wind and she struggles to keep it in place. Make your hair come alive

A real life phone Conference – Hilarious video and so true, love it.